Saturday, October 16, 2010

You can architect a world inside a lampshade…on the scrapbook edge…

Early Assemblage - Mel & Judith Begin Their Trip

The Migration of Mel & Judith - Royal Academy of Arts, London
 Architect, Thomas Hiller introduces the project
Firstly I’d like to introduce you to Mel (short for Melvin) and Judith, a recently retired couple from Croydon who have decided to give up on their life in London’s third City and travel Europe in search of the perfect caravan spot and a touch of hot weather! As they travel the couple realise they miss the home comforts of England, especially white bread which seems impossible to get abroad. To combat thier longing they slowly adapt and customise their caravan-house to feel a little more like home. Walls of the caravan become aroma filled bricks of white bread, especially made by Mel & Judith themselves. Other adaptations include the pebbledash façade reminiscent of their Croydon abode. A green lawn-carpet that is much cooler underfoot than the hot Marbella sand and when it gets too hot there's always the sprinkler system and snow-chimney.

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