Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Story

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Altered book collage based on pages from Collier's 1966 Yearbook Covering the Year 1965, by Morris Armstrong Jr. proudly a.k.a. "Little Mo" author of the new prose+scrapbook novel now previewing at

You can publish your scrapbook pages for free in our new print-on-demand book, TCJB SCRAPBOOK EDGE, it's FREE, no gimmicks. Details: TCJB SCRAPBOOK EDGE book details

Follow Little Mo at, Doug Millison, is managing our project, looking for publishing and co-marketing partners.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Conquest by Morris Armstrong, Jr. proudly a.k.a. "Little Mo"

Little Mo is the author of The Concrete Jungle Book, a new prose+comics scrapbook novel coming later this year from Nonhuman Communications, read/collaborate preview under way now at
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Thursday, February 19, 2009


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A collage of favorite images, some ours, some gathered on the Web. (Attributions to follow.) Created online at; you can tag it up using the same Comicater tools that we used to create the collage in the first place, click: IN GUAD WE TRUST.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

SCRAPBOOK EDGE is a print-on-demand book/online project you can participate in for FREE

Little Mo here, inviting you to participate, at no cost, FREE, no gimmicks, no strings, in

a new print-on-demand/online, collaborative book project.
edited by Morris Armstrong, Jr. proudly a.k.a. Little Mo, Doug Millison, and Steve Porter.

SCRAPBOOK EDGE includes a series of scrapbook pages/collage works that we've decided to publish separate from The Concrete Jungle Book prose+comics scrapbook novel, the 350 page graphic novel on steroids that's coming later this year.

Scrapbook pages and other contributed art works should express a mix of urban, industrial, natural imagery plus the strong, authentic emotions that characterize the scrapbook aesthetic of The Concrete Jungle Book.

By publishing via print-on-demand, we can easily add pages from more artists as they decide they want to get involved. We will simply update the book pdf with new pages and the revised edition will immediately be available to purchase from the print-on-demand vendor.

Depending on how many other artists choose to include their pages, SCRAPBOOK EDGE will be between 50-100 pages, full color, 8" X 10" paperbound, printed by Cost will be between $8 - $12 per copy, not including shipping.

Contributing artists will be responsible for obtaining and submitting high-quality, high-resolution images of their works, suitable for publication. We will provide specifications.

Contributing artists can purchase multiple copies to sell to their friends.

The idea is to create a cool book and use it as a calling card for our other projects.

If demand develops and more people want to purchase copies, we can fairly share profits among contributors. All fair, open, transparent.

Contributing artists retain ownership and control of their art works, granting only rights relevant and necessary to this project.

My partner Doug Millison has founded and managed substantial publishing projects, see as a good example with design relevance to this project.

We will design and get the book ready to print. The design will fit the look & feel of The Concrete Jungle Book which you can Preview in this web site.

You can see more examples of edgy scrapbook art at the Flickr group Scrapbook Edge that I started

SCRAPBOOK EDGE will also include images of streetart/graffiti pieces, sticker combo collaborations, & etc. This is an important part of the mix.


Srayla Tip illustrator of The Concrete Jungle Book

Fred "Sundanse" Gromadski of Oakland AS Crew, creator of Adventures of Morph comic strip,

Jiri Szeppan, Royal Belgian Film Museum

Doug Millison, co-author The Concrete Jungle Book

Steve Porter, co-author, The Concrete Jungle Book

More artist announcements to come. Stay tuned.

First Edition of SCRAPBOOK EDGE to be published via print-on-demand in 2009.

Send email to my partner if you are interested, or Direct Message to or me,
About Scrapbook Edge
Scrapbook Edge a place to share and discuss scrapbook pages with attitude…and, maybe, stretch the boundaries of what we can do with our scrapbook pages. The group pool features photos/scans of physical scrapbook & digital scrapbook pages & elements that could go on a scrapbook page. Many photographers compose images that combine image, text, layers, memories in a single frame or snap. Artists transform walls and other public surfaces of an urban landscape into "pages" - a kind of a scrapbook, too. And, where to draw the line - art journal? collage? altered book collage? mixed-media? comic strips at the bleeding edge? Who knows? Eclectic. Authentic. Subversive. Suggest a key word.