Monday, March 29, 2010

How busy is this 3-headed fiend? Little Mo knows.

Showing the screen shot here so you can see this was created with the Comicater Tag-It-Up tools at Register to create an account and you can upload your own images to alter.
Make your own multipage  books, graphic novels, then invite your friends to layer on their own images and text:  instant scrapbook!

Based on an image found at

The Comicater Tag-It-Up Tools at the TCJB Web Site
Online, THE CONCRETE JUNGLE BOOK becomes your scrapbook. We provide you tools that let you add your own images and text to an image, in comments, in comments-on-comments, in a way that Facebook doesn't enable. These are the Comicater Tag-It-Up tools created by Sean Chen.

We've been publishing a series of media mash-ups made with the Comicater Tag-It-Up tools at, and republishing them in our blogs and Facebook Pages.

We wish we could add images to the Comments we make on Facebook, and we wish we could layer on text and images to the images we find on Facebook, but Facebook doesn't make that possible.

We're proud to say that Sean Chen did this in HTML with a Web programming approach, which we first demonstrated at in 2008.

Chen also built a Facebook application that also provides this functionality. You can view the TCJB Preview and tag it up with the Comicater tools here on Facebook at Because of changes in the Facebook architecture, the application does not currently permit sharing your own Comicater creations to your Profile, but we plan to add this capability in the future.

Because Little Mo grows up to be a graffiti artist and tattoo designer and cartoonist and graphic novel illustrator in THE CONCRETE JUNGLE BOOK, we use Chen's technology to let online readers of the TCJB Preview, add their own images and text, to use Little Mo's pages as their own online scrapbook pages. We've also demonstrated the ability to add an audio or music track to a page.

Multiple people can collaborate to create single- or multi-page works. Post an image and let your friends tag it up, the way that graffiti writers and streetartists do in the concrete jungle at It's an interesting publishing experiment, offering some capabilities that mainstream publishers have yet to explore.

As the infrastructure improves, we'll be able to make it easier to export these collages directly from to your Facebook Profiles and to the TCJB Page. Now, you can use a Gigya share widget to republish your creations on the Web.

Until then, please enjoy the Comicater media mash-ups we publish here, and feel free to visit and make your own. Use a screen capture tool to grab the screen images of the collages you make there, and you can republish them anywhere on the Web.

In this mash-up (above):  Morris Armstrong Jr. proudly a.k.a. LIttle Mo & 2 of the Female Fire Monkeys (Cousin Selena on guitar, Girlfriend Teresa Wong on piano) meet Antonio Sanchez, innocent bystander Doug Millison, TCJB illustrator Srayla Tip, dancin' Fred Gromadski, Gramps Wong. Where's Steve Porter? (Illustrations by Srayla Tip, except for James Brown, found in the internets, who makes an appearance because everybody can always use a little funk.) This mash-up made with the Comicater Tag-It-Up tools at

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